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“Tourism is the biggest industry in the world”

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Visit Ohrid is an online resource that provides tips, guides, tutorials and any other information you may need to plan for a trip to Ohrid. We’ve traveled across Ohrid and know all the top sights, sites and other amazing places you can visit during you stay.

Located in Macedonia, Ohrid is a city in North Macedonia and Ohrid Municipality’s headquarter. With more than 42,000 inhabitants as per the 2002 data, the city is ranked eighth as the largest in the country and the largest Lake Ohrid city.

Visiting Ohrid

“Travel and tourism is a huge part of the economy”

Also known as “Jerusalem of the Balkans,” Ohrid is home to churches as many as the days of the year. It’s also home to picturesque monuments and houses, explaining why tourism is a popular economic activity in the area.

The city is bordered Bitola and Resen to the east and Skoje to the northeast. UNESCO initiated Lake Ohrid and Ohrid as Cultural and Natural World Heritage Sites in 1980 and 1979, respectively. The city is among the 28 natural and cultural sites of UNESCO’s World Heritage.


It enjoys warm Mediterranean climate in summers with less than 40mm of rainfall. The warmest month registers temperatures as high as 220C. We’ve explored the city and its suburbs for far too long to know what most visitors look for when visiting the city.

Whether you’ve been to Ohrid before or not, we provide all the information you need to travel and enjoy a successful and memorable stay in Macedonia. At Visit Ohrid, we ensure that you’re satisfied and happy with the information you receive from our platform.

Why Visit Ohrid

Ohrid is a Macedonian city that’s home to medieval-esque architecture and narrow, cobble-stoned streets. A visit to the city is like a travel back in time several centuries ago.

Touted as a vacationer’s paradise, the city has been hit by tourism waves. It also offers spectacular views, glimmering sandy beaches, and lots of cuisines ranging from Turkish to Mediterranean, all on a budget.

One reason to visit Ohrid is its rich history. The city is one of Europe’s oldest settlements and an epicenter of Slavic culture and religion. The buildings lining the old town of the city point to its rich history.

Lake Ohrid is 3 million years old and as one of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe, it’s a distinct historical artefact.

The city is also surrounded by a beautiful natural landscapes of mountains for attractive, breathtaking views. It also features hills, reconstructed stilted villages, waterside resorts and beaches. You’ll enjoy exploring the vigorous cycling and hiking trails that gives great views of the lake.

Other reasons to visit Ohrid include the great views and delicious foods it offers. It also has incredible architecture, busy nightlife and outdoor adventures such as kayaking and cliff climbing.

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