Top 6 Exciting Things to Do in Ohrid

Ohrid, a small but picturesque town in Macedonia, is one exciting place you need to include on your vacation list. For one thing, you can easily explore the entire city on foot because of its size, or follow the trend and use bicycles. However, to enjoy the views more, you’ll need to book a boat.

Ohrid is a town rich with history and exotic dishes that romances your taste buds.

The crime rate in the city is particularly low, so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your belongings to any red-eyed daredevil. Also, the standard of life here is pretty okay compared to other places that are nearly this beautiful and quiet.

Depending on the type of dishes you want, you can get some good local delicacies with as little as 80 MKD, the equivalent of $1.57. But, for international cuisines, you’ve got to keep about $10 for it.

If you decide to make Ohrid your next vacation spot, prepare to spend more than the days you planned to stay because the sights will blow you away. The following are seven things to do to make your visit exciting and memorable.

1.  Dine at the Turkish Zone

Probably the most exciting part of the city, the Turkish street, and its fancy restaurants is one place you wouldn’t want to miss. The sight of meat spinning at every corner and the heavenly smell of spices will undoubtedly cause a rumble in your stomach, even if you’re vegan.

I recommend Cevapi if you wish to try a local delicacy. This local dish of grilled smokey meats, served with fresh baked bread and garnishes, will leave you bursting with rapturous foodgasm.

Cevapi’s heavenly taste stems from its preparation. Checking the internal temperature of your meat while preparing it is very necessary to achieve the perfect texture and retain adequate moisture when properly cooked.

It takes a fair amount of practice to keep the meat temperature at a suitable degree. However, you can effortlessly achieve that using a temperature controller or thermometer.

Consider combining Cevapi with a Turkish-style hot tea and enjoy the warm, rich heavenly flavor on your tongue.

2.  Explore the City With a Bicycle

With the world harping on the need to sustain the earth, most residents and visitors in Ohrid have adopted bicycles as their primary mode of transversing the city. This practice is one you’ll immediately notice once you come into Ohrid.

So jump on this trend and cruise around the lake to enjoy the beautiful sights to their fullest. With the well-maintained bike path leading to several swimming spots and beaches, you wouldn’t run out of fun places to visit.

And don’t worry about renting a bike. It’s not difficult.

Most Lake Ohrid hotels offer bike rental, and several storefronts also have them for rent at a low price. However, if you want to hire one for a full day, it might cost you about $18.

3.  Enjoy the View From Cuba Libre Beach Bar

Maximize the time you spend on your bicycle by visiting Cuba Libre Beach Bar. Located at the opposite end of the lake, it affords you the perfect vantage point to enjoy the breathtaking views of Ohrid and its fascinating buildings and colors.

The beach bar offers a full menu, making it a great spot to grab a snack and drink while enjoying the views. You can take your afternoon relaxation a step further by renting their lounge chairs for only $5, kicking back on it for a while before diving right into Lake Ohrid.


4.  Learn History at Samuel’s Fortress

If you enjoy hiking and history, you’ll need to make visiting Samuel Fortress top of your to-do list in Ohrid. The fortress has stood proudly above the town for thousands of years.

The earliest historical data of the fortress dates back to 478 BC, when it played a massive role in the kingdom’s defense. However, from 976 to 1014, King Samuel built its most-preserved fortifications, causing the fortress to be named after him.

Exploring the fortress won’t take more than one hour. However, you’ll need to pay a small entrance fee before getting in.

5.  Hike to St. John at Kaneo

Ohrid is famous for its beautiful sites, filled with history that blends with nature and impressive architecture. St. John at Kaneo is a perfect example of this description.

Built-in the 15th century, this Macedonian Orthodox church is one tourist attraction site you wouldn’t want to miss, considering its strategic location above Kaneo beach overlooking the lake.

Tell me, what could be more picturesque than this.

6.  Look Out for the Plank Walk Leading to Potpesh Beach

You can wrap up your vacation to Ohrid by taking a walk through the deck that runs from Ohrid Central Square to Potpesh Beach.

This beach is located in a small cove away from the city’s noise. You can simply relax in the quiet, have a light lunch at their bar, and enjoy the lake’s view.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a place as picturesque as San Fransisco with the quietness and beauty of the Bahamas without a budget to match it, Ohrid is your best bet.

Rich in history, the standard of living in Ohrid is cheap, and you can never run out of fun places to visit. To learn more about life in Ohrid, check out Visit Ohrid on google.

What are you waiting for?